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RÊVE MUSIC is a Toronto-based, music management, record label and distribution services company dedicated to the growth and development of Canadian talent.


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Title: A&R Director, Artist Manager


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Tommy K.W. Lam is the owner and A&R Director at RÊVE MUSIC, a Toronto-based full-service music management company where he oversees artist management & development for emerging artists. 
Tommy’s accomplished career in the music industry spans over two decades, having attained early success as a rock drummer, sound engineer and producer. As the executive producer for the nationally syndicated radio programs such as “The Canadian Hot 10” and “Inside Country”, Tommy moved into the music executive role began in the mid 90s when he co-founded the startup Digital Groove – one of the first internet entertainment portals that facilitated early adapters of internet broadcast radio including the popular station EXI (Extremely Independent) Radio.
A natural out-of-the-box thinker and visionary, Tommy used his tech experience and entrepreneurial spirit to fill a gap in the market by creating Canada’s first crowdfunding platform called FANPUSH – an internet community site devoted solely to help Canadian artists raise funds for their projects. Simultaneously, Tommy expanded his creativity to design and create the Rock ‘n Roll T-shirt brands, COCKYNESS and COCKYGIRL.
At RÊVE MUSIC, Tommy aims to use his wealth of experience as a music industry entrepreneur, artist manager and business consultant to empower, educate and inspire artists, helping them reach their fullest potential and ultimately achieving excellence on their own terms.

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